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Programmer? You can contribute to the OpenGrid project by adding new features or fixing bugs.

Explore the health of your neighborhood. Search around you or draw your own search: soon-to-be open businesses, new or renovated buildings, city services requested through 311, and points-of-interest in a single, easy-to-use interface. Quickly search using keywords or use filters to discover the data you need.
OpenGrid on the desktop
Powerful navigation and analytics
Need to put analytics into the hands of your team? OpenGrid can be deployed to enable real-time situational awareness and let your organization access historical events through a simple map-based interface. It is an excellent, low-cost business intelligence tool for governments, non-profits, and corporations. Pair OpenGrid with the open-source, NoSQL MongoDB database behind your firewall for an even more powerful, secure program.
OpenGrid can be configured to run off of a variety of sources, including Plenar.io, which can intake data from Socrata and CKAN open data portals. Governments using those portals can leverage Plenar.io and their data portal to create an easy way for residents to perform a simple navigation of their city and neighborhoods.
Adopting OpenGrid

OpenGrid’s flexible architecture allows you to deploy it with a Mongo database or Plenar.io’s robust API. You can match the OpenGrid interface to work with different database engines or APIs that fit your needs. OpenGrid’s Leaflet-based map make it easy to integrate with tile maps to add additional map data, such as OpenWeather layers.

Don’t use either of those? OpenGrid’s documentation provides information to let you program interfaces to other databases.

OpenGrid Architecture
OpenGrid Architecture
OpenGrid source code
OpenGrid is open source -- it's what gives its name. See a bug or want to add new features? Feel free to contribute or raise issues on the GitHub repository. Keeping it as an open source solution will keep OpenGrid available to others and help it mature in the upcoming years.

Questions? Email us.
Email Us.

Have questions about using OpenGrid? Reach out to the City of Chicago team.

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For lengthier discussions with the development team and others, use our Google Forum to talk about OpenGrid features.

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Developer documentation
Developer Documentation

Take a look at the functional design, planning, and roadmap documents.

Developer calls
Developer Calls

Look at our schedule of upcoming public developer calls to discuss upcoming features, releases, and planning on the future roadmap.

This project was under Stategy C and Strategy D of the Chicago Tech Plan while improving services offered by the city and engagement with residents.